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What do I do with the packaging once I store my meals?

We care about the environment and your convenience. That's why we use 100% recyclable material for our delivery boxes. You can easily recycle them with your paper waste, or find creative ways to reuse them for storage or crafts. Our meal containers a

Are your meal containers microwave-safe?

Yes. You can heat up your MACROS meal in the microwave without any worries. Our meals are packed in containers that are microwave-safe and recyclable. They have a plastic film on top that prevents any BPA from leaking out when you microwave them.

How are my meals packed for delivery?

We are committed to delivering your meals in an eco-friendly way. That's why we use a recyclable box and a sliver wrapping that prevents any leakage from the ice packs and keeps the meals cold. The ice pack is made of water-soluble material, so you c

Where is my box packed?

Our Sydney-based kitchen is where we create, cook, and pack all of our MACROS meals with care and quality.