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How long do MACROS meals stay fresh for?Updated a year ago

Through the implementation of Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP), we employ a natural preservation technique that entails the reduction of oxygen to substantially extend the shelf life of our meals. This innovative process ensures the longevity of your meals while maintaining their quality.

When it comes to the delivery of your meals, rest assured they are unfailingly dispatched in a fresh state. Our dedicated couriers utilise insulated, recyclable boxes that are thoughtfully packed with ice packs. This careful arrangement guarantees that your delivery remains chilled for a duration of 6-8 hours following its arrival.

Upon finding its place in your refrigerator, a MACROS meal remains at its prime for approximately 6-7 days from the moment of delivery. It's worth noting that each meal is meticulously labeled with its individual expiration date, providing you with a clear reference for freshness.

At MACROS, our commitment to freshness and quality preservation is unwavering, ensuring that every meal delights from the first bite to the last.

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